My Foreword to my response to the Consultation Paper

There needs to be no more said than this demolition of the current consultation by Tim Forte.




I respond to this Consultation as a criminal practitioner of 19 years call. I am lucky to be a very busy senior junior, working in a wide variety of case, in a wide number of court centres, for a wide variety of professional, solicitor clients. I have witnessed numerous changes to the Criminal Justice System in my 19 years, and I struggle to think of one that has been an improvement or to the advantage of justice and the public, in the long run. There is little in this Consultation, or within the Ministry’s approach to Criminal Justice, with which I can agree or in which I can see any possible improvement for justice in this country.


The very title of the Consultation Paper is, with respect, entirely predicated upon an unevidenced assertion, on the part of the Ministry…

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