An excellent gazette of the ever dizzying array of press and comment on the Reforming Legal Aid Consultation by Guy Gozem QC.

Guy Gozem

The tactic of the MoJ has been to attack and demonize legal aid lawyers as greedy and grossly overpaid in order to destroy our credibility and drown out our arguments

Finally some journalists are beginning to recognise that the spin has been diverting attention from the MoJ’s incompetent and dangerous proposals.

The Daily Mail has been at the forefront of the fatcat stories, on 10th April, and then again in June.

Sunday 9th June was a good day to wake up early. I did. The Observer editorial was a good read for legal aid lawyers. It concluded –

It is easy to characterise legal aid lawyers as feathering their nests by representing clients who are invariably guilty. But the truth is very different. Legal aid lawyers have suffered cuts over the last 15 years and frequently end up working long, unrewarded hours in a system that is already under severe…

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