An Open Letter to the Law Society

I hope that many in the solicitors’ profession read and agree with this by Dan Bunting.

Dan Bunting - A Life in the Bus Lane

I know that over the years the bar and solicitors haven’t always seen eye to eye, but I thought that we were together on this one. So I was pretty disappointed to see your ‘alternative’ plans to PCT.

Now, I’ll accept straight off that the Bar Council doesn’t come to this with clean hands. The way they sold you down the river behaved over Carter was wrong. If the Bar Council was in any way a properly representative body, then I’d apologise for them. But they’re not, so all I will do is point out that at the public meetings the ‘rank and file’ of the bar did not support the Bar Council’s position. We knew they had got it wrong, but they didn’t listen to their members, thinking either that they knew best or listening to their own vested interests. They were wrong, but I’m disappointed that you seem…

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