Ideological Differences

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The Spin

On Wednesday the Justice Select Committe heard evidence from Chris Grayling.  Prior to the hearing, as seems to be the fashion at the Ministry of Justice at the moment, a fair amount of spin had to be pushed out for the press. This week that most noticably took the form of a piece in the Daily Mail regarding appealate work in immigration/extradition cases (the article doesn’t seem to specify exactly which), which complained that:

“Lawyers can earn £1,000 from the taxpayer even for cases which are rejected outright at the first hurdle and a further £2,500 if they make it to an initial hearing and lose.”

before subtly suggesting that lawyers do precisely that. The article ignored the cost of necessary prerequisites to undertake this type of work (which are rather expensive), as well as the more important fact that lawyers are unable to put forward grounds without…

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