Roundtable Meeting with Shadow Justice Team

Informative stuff from Gemma Blythe (as ever).

Thoughts on the Criminal Justice System

A Roundtable Meeting took place today, 9th July 2013, at The House of Commons. The speakers included Andy Slaughter MP, Sadiq Khan MP, Emily Thornberry MP, Willy Bach and Jeremy Beecham.

Sadiq Khan MP opens the meeting by saying he has just come from Deputy Prime Minister’s Questions. He was asked, by a Backbencher, whether he recognised that having a perverse financial incentive in relation to pleas would lead to miscarriages of justice. He answered: we need to save £220 million, and that Chris Grayling has an “open mind”.

After these proposed cuts, criminal legal aid spending would be £1.5 million.

The MoJ have had an unprecedented amount of responses to the consultation. The MoJ have confirmed that they have received 16,000. [Whether or not they have read them or not is entirely a different matter].

Sadiq Khan gives thanks to those who have led the campaign and those who…

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