Legal Aid: Parliament Debate in Westminster Hall – 4th September 2013

A useful résumé by Gemma Blythe

Thoughts on the Criminal Justice System

Some notes from today’s parliamentary debate in relation to the government’s consultation paper and proposals to reform the legal aid system.

Karl Turner opens today’s debate:
“Stack it high and sell it cheap”

Without this debate and that of the backbenchers, the government would not have dealt with the issues raised. We give thanks to Rachel Bentley’s e-petition, which now has over 103,000 signatures. We also pay tribute to Michael Turner QC in uniting the two professions, still the Lord Chancellor refused to meet him. Michael Turner has never been rude about the Lord Chancellor, but what he has done is dared to criticise the government. The Lord Chancellor does not like to be criticised. The Joint Committee on Human Rights report will be ignored by the Government, and the Lord Chancellor will no doubt plow on with these changes. The very least the Lord Chancellor should do is delay…

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