Strike at your peril

Nigel Pascoe QC has posted this piece on his blog. I have been asked to host a guest blog which responds to it. Please read Nigel’s blog first, then the response posted on my blog. Thank you.

nigelpascoe's Blog

Your Honour, I have an unusual application to make, namely that this Court should not sit tomorrow at all.

Why not, Mr Jinks?

Because I shall be on strike, Your Honour, which sadly would leave the defendant unrepresented. And we have reached the stage in the trial where tomorrow I am due to cross examine the prosecution accountant. In my submission, the defendant is entitled to have me here for that purpose.


Your Honour says ‘Quite’ May I infer that Your Honour is indeed prepared to grant my application?

First principles first, Mr Jinks. Are you seriously telling me that you are choosing quite deliberately to refuse to be present in my court tomorrow morning?

Indeed that is my position, Your Honour. I intend no disrespect by that.

So that if I take the view that the trial must continue, your client will indeed be completely unrepresented?

Yes Your…

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