A Cunning Plan

An old, surprisingly wise, friend of mine has written this in response to the Government’s Plan B. For those unfamiliar with the Plan B it is that they will get round the problems and embarrassment of nobody working at the new VHCC rates by pretending those type of cases do not exist. You couldn’t make it up…..

Dear Mr Grayling,

As you know, I have recently returned my instructions in a hugely complex bank fraud, because after I contracted to prepare over 100,000 pages of evidence for a three month trial, and started to do so, you decided you would unilaterally change our contract and pay me 30% less. I realise you thought this was A Very Good Idea, until I returned the brief, and you discovered that not a single barrister in the land would agree to work for your proposed new rates.

Imagine my delight when I heard that today, in breach of the Legal Aid Regulations, and probably unlawfully (don’t worry, some kind and much cleverer barrister than I will look into that and let you know if you need another quick retrospective change in the law), you had Another Good Idea, and decided that if you re-classified the case so that it is not paid as a very complex and voluminous case, but in a different way, which will in all probability pay me LESS than the fee I have already selfishly rejected, I may be persuaded to change my mind!

I am so sorry that I must, with the greatest of regret, turn down your kind offer. However, I am very excitedly anticipating your next Very Good Idea, in order that my former client, who faces trial on very serious charges of fraud, and prosecution by a top silk and junior, does not have to represent himself at trial.

Have a lovely Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.

(do keep taking those Meds)


Rebecca Herbert.

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