Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics: A word from the Chairman

The statement by Nigel Lithman on the deliberate misuse of stats by the MoJ. This story is beginning to seep into the media.


The Criminal Bar Association has been battling with the Ministry of Justice over its statistics for more than a year. We claim that the need to cut our fees is not made out and the figures issued are misleading.
We also claim that the figures of the average earnings of members  of the criminal Bar have been grossly exaggerated in a manner to make the public hostile towards what they are encouraged to regard as an overpaid profession.
On the day of the protest by the Bar, the 7th March, the MOJ chose to issue the fanciful figure that the average earnings were £84000 pa. For some reason they  ignored  the lowest earners,  included VAT and excluded  expenses. They chose to slew the figures. The true figures were the criminal bar earning no more on average than £34k before tax and many far less.
Our cries went unheard, until now…

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