I do not want to be on strike

A personal account of why a teacher feels she must strike. A lot of it will have resonance for lawyers. Apart from the bit about pay freezes and pay progression. However any lawyer will share the reluctance to act and will recognise the necessity to do so nonetheless.

Sceptical Mum

I do not want to be on strike.

I have a mortgage, childcare and ever increasing food bills to pay; childcare which I will still have to pay today even though I’m not at work. I could really do without losing a day’s pay.

But, if we don’t fight to protect our pay and pensions now, things could be much worse in the years to come. Over the few years I’ve been in teaching, there have been pay freezes and constant threats to get rid of pay progression. Like many, I left a much better paid job to go into teaching so I am not financially motivated, but we are ultimately employing professionally qualified graduates (at least at the moment – the government clearly have plans to get round this issue!) to do what many of us agree is a hugely important job. Surely we want the people educating our…

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