But, what are you for?

Bunting gets my vote….

Dan Bunting - A Life in the Bus Lane


It’s a fair question. It’s easy to be against something, much harder to put forward a decent plan. Easy to point out the flaws in a plan, much less easy to be constructive.

I’ve set out my reasons as to why the deal offered to us last week is, in my mind, a bad one (in the context of the legal marketplace) and we should vote to reject it.


Simon Myerson QC wrote two pieces (here and here) in support of the deal. There’s plenty going on in the comments, but Simon asks several (valid) questions to those of us who want to say no to the deal (confusingly, this means voting yes). I indicated that I would try and reply to his questions in more detail – this is it.

Questions and (hopefully some) Answers

(1) First, if all the people you laud for their…

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