This is why the Bar, and it’s leadership is so much stronger this week than it has ever been.

You can disagree on matters of principle with friends without becoming enemies.

Do Right, Fear No One

 Last week the roof almost came down. There was anger, vitriol and division within the Bar itself, and between the two halves of the profession.

That was SO last week.

The MoJ must have been rubbing its hands with glee. A smile on the Lord Chancellor’s face for the first time in a long time.

But not THIS week.

The CBA Officers, and by association, the Circuit Leaders are to be congratulated, as they already have been, for recognising the need to consult the rank and file membership by way of this blog, thus allowing a proper debate, and most importantly, to hold an open vote.

Let’s not forget how this all started. Although we are not privy to the precise details, they were called in to the MoJ at 24 hour’s notice, and presented not with a deal, but an ultimatum. Many have observed, me included, that it offered…

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