Matt Fresco on the legal aid changes

Many barristers will not have looked at a different perspective. Thanks to Dan Bunting for putting this in one place.

Dan Bunting - A Life in the Bus Lane


I recently posted my summary of what the legal aid changes mean. I was reminded of something that Matt Fresco from (does what it says on the tin) had written as to what the changes mean.

It’s worth a read, and gives a good overview of the impacts on reps and solicitors.

One particular point that is worth highlighting is in relation to what happens to duty solicitors :

There is no point being a Duty Solicitor. The only hope you have is to obtain Higher Rights. The Criminal Bar is about to collapse. All the advocacy is going in-house.”

As I said, this is written by a solicitor for solicitors and police station reps, not for barristers. It was also written well before the deal. Given that, and the fact that the bar was never his target audience, it makes it even more important for…

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