Morgan and Dax

My parents used to have a dog. He was a bad tempered, grumpy, cantankerous, malcontent called Morgan. He would lie in my parents’ hall and you were lucky if you got away with just a growl. We all loved him.

When it came time for Morgan to be put to sleep, I went to say goodbye to him. This being despite the fact that I was a thirty something grown up lawyer. And I had a little tear in my eye.

Recently we got Daxi. Mrs ViewFromtheNorth had taken some persuading that we should get a dog. Her family are farmers and Mrs VFTN viewed dogs as working animals (although I have never had it satisfactorily explained to me why potatoes need herding).

Daxi, as she appeared in her Twitter advert.

Daxi, as she appeared in her Twitter advert.

I spotted Dax on Twitter. She was a five month old rescue puppy. I persuaded Mrs VFTN that we should visit her in foster care. When we arrived, we sat in the front room. The kind lady looking after Daxi brought her into the room.

Immediately Daxi jumped on the lap of Mrs VFTN. I was just an interested bystander. Daxi and Mrs VFTN only had eyes for each other. I could not have planned it better.

She likes to have a kip!

She likes to have a kip!

When Daxi came home she settled in brilliantly. The only problem was on her second night. She sleeps in her crate on the landing. On that second night she cried when she was left alone. She was fine if you were sat by her crate but cried the instant you left her.

So I spent an hour lying on the floor next to her crate. When I thought she was asleep I would try to crawl back to the bedroom. She would spot me and cry. Eventually she dropped off and I commando crawled back to my bed. She never cried again.

She may have a limp but she runs like the wind.

She may have a limp but she runs like the wind.

Daxi was a rescue puppy. We do not know exactly what had happened to her but she had her hind leg broken before she came to us. She is not in any pain but had learnt to walk by hopping. So that is how she walks now.

So our hopping little dog (I had wanted something big, something manly and ended up with a Jack Russell/Daschund cross) attracts a lot of attention. She is 18 months old but still looks like a puppy. She hops like a bunny. People stop to talk to us about the dog all the time.

This is not a positive. In character I am more like Morgan than the affectionate Daxi. If you speak to me and I do not know you, you are lucky if you get away with just a growl.

So why I am telling you about my dog? It is because dogs are brilliant. They soften the heart of even a bad tempered, grumpy, cantankerous, malcontent like me. And last night something very bad happened in the world of dogs.

Tragically Manchester Dogs Home suffered a terrible fire. Over 40 dogs died. Another 150 were rescued. The dog loving people of Manchester were immediately on the scene to provide bedding, food, crates and homes for the dogs. Whatever was needed.

But they will need more. If you get the chance and have a little spare cash, please consider making a donation to help the dogs that have survived and to help the home rebuild. You can donate to the home through this link.

Then adopt a dog. I guarantee you will not regret it.

2 thoughts on “Morgan and Dax

  1. Helen Marsh

    Jaime, we donated a dog bed, blankets, towels, bowl, collar and lead to Manchester Dogs Home today as, unfortunately, we had to have our lovely 14 year old springer Jasper put down on Tuesday as he was unfortunately suddenly beyond help…it seemed a fitting use for his things. He’s chasing rabbits and pheasants in doggie heaven now and a homeless dog has a comfortable bed. Helen Marsh (friend of Mrs VFTN) x



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