The Sun, The Queen, Her Uncle and His Leanings

When I was 7 I loved Jim’ll Fix It. My “now then, now then” impersonation was often accompanied by a double thumbs up salute and strangely forced smile. This was not just a casual thing, I was a devotee. 

Little did I know what would unfold over the years. How could I have known? I was only seven. The horrors of child sex offenders was something completely unknown to me. Indeed society barely recognised the dangers of such people. And society as a whole had yet to come to realise the extent of his now accepted depravity. 

The 7 year old me is entirely blameless. 

The Sun’s front page today concerning a 1933 film of the Queen seemingly practicing a Nazi salute is as pointless as it is vicious. This represents a new low for this particular newspaper. 

I am largely ambivalent towards the Royal family. I do not see how we can abolish them, they are historical fact. I suspect the Queen does more good than she does bad for the nation. Lesser Royals annoy me more. The Civil List can take my breath away. I neither love them nor loathe them. 

On the whole, however, I do like 89 year old grannies. And I tend to think newspaper should have a pretty good reason for causing upset to an old lady. 

So how does the Sun justify this, the oldest news story in town? How do they say that pictures of a 7 year old Princess Elizabeth raising her arm in that familiar salute, in 1933 when the horror of the holocaust was unknown and Hitler was being feted by intelligent people all over Europe, is a scandal and exclusive worth printing? 

They say that it highlights the link between her uncle, the abdicating Edward, and the Nazis. Her dead uncle. Who gave up the throne before Hitler became the nation’s enemy. Seriously? Hands up anyone who did not know Edward was a one time fan of Herr Hitler? (If you have put your hand up may I suggest you make sure it is straight up, not at a 45 degree angle and try to do something casual and relaxed with your fingers. And do not snap your heels together. The Sun are watching….)

This is a lame excuse for a mean piece of provocative titilation. I am appalled. Not because it is an attack on a much loved monarch. But because it is the most pointless piece of journalism that I have witnessed in a long time. The Press do so much to protect us. This is not it. 

Today I like the Queen a little bit more and like the Sun a whole lot less. 

6 thoughts on “The Sun, The Queen, Her Uncle and His Leanings

  1. fireycolinColin Mardell

    Well said!! These bloody papers, with their ‘in the public interest’ stories which we all know are only sensationalist hype designed to sell papers by appealing to the worst instincts of human nature, and then they cry ‘foul’ when people ask for them to be brought under control. I’m no supporter of press control but is it any wonder that others are? It is sickening when in the next breath they will claim all sorts noble motives for the ‘freedom of the press’ and they use it for trash stories like this.



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