Tim Farron – Political Genius?

Tim Farron seems an unlikely candidate for political genius. Some are born a genius. Some work hard at being a genius. Others may just stumble upon something that makes them look like a genius. Farron may just have stumbled on a formula that will lead to the greatest political comeback since the fifth time that Farage un-resigned. 

As an increasingly enthusiastic Remainer (I was ambivalent towards the EU until I listened to the arguments to Leave) I find the political agenda in the UK most bizarre at the moment. It is as if there is one political truth and that truth is called Brexit. And yet no one is prepared to state clearly their ambitions and goals. Other than no longer being a member of the EU, we have no idea what a politician views as a successful Brexit. All we know is that Brexit is Brexit. And that it is red, white and blue. Although I fear that may be because we are bloodied by the process, left a pale imitation of the influential nation we once were and blue from being left out in the cold…..

Yet support for Brexit is the panacea for all political ills. Politicians are falling over themselves for a bit of the Trump zeitgeist. Everyone wants to appeal to the voter with concerns about immigration. Every party wants to make Britain great again (the process of Brexit somewhat ironically raising the prospect of the United Kingdom of Great Britain actually being diminished by the breakdown of the Union). Every political step is taken to appeal to those outside of the “Westminster Bubble” (where I would much rather see money invested in the North than us just being given the name of Powerhouse, which makes us sound like a cut price electrical retailer). 

So the Conservative Party, what passes for the Labour Party and UKIP are all falling over themselves chasing the Brexit supporting public. And in the process they are not seeking to persuade those that have doubts. They are not building consensus. Their rhetoric is all about delivering what the victors wanted. It is about how opposing Brexit is unpatriotic.

And here is where Tim Farron may have just done some simple maths. The next General Election will see a turnout which is lower than the turnout at the EU referendum. But let’s say the turnout mirrored the June turnout. If it did, UKIP, Labour and the Conservatives are chasing 17,410,742 votes. Farron and the LibDems are chasing 16,141,241 votes. They are the only party currently appealing to that demographic directly on this issue, the biggest single issue in politics in my lifetime. The other three want a share of the 52%. The LibDems have 48% all to themselves. 

Of course there are many who will vote at a General Election contrary to their vote in the Referendum. There will be plenty who do not vote at all. There will be plenty who will vote according to their party affiliations, notwithstanding their own views on Brexit. 

There will be many who will not forgive the LibDems for the coalition and for tuition fees. But that was always going to be the case. The LibDems were on the verge of political armageddon. But right now there is a void in politics where the only show in town is Brexit and many of us don’t want to go. Throw into the mix that there will be many long term Labour voters who will not support a Corbyn led party and suddenly Farron may just be bringing his party back from the brink. 

He is the only one making a play for 16 million votes. He will not get them all. But everyone else is leaving him an open goal. And you don’t have to be a genius to put the ball in the back of the net. 

3 thoughts on “Tim Farron – Political Genius?

  1. Willson, LL.B

    Strikes a chord with me too, but then I have always believed that if the Labour and Liberal Parties had been the main political protagonists with the Conservatives as the 3rd party, we would have have been spared Thatcherism and what I call “Bullyingdonism” and the UK would have been a much better place to live for all. As for UKIP, who have never run so much as a bath, perversely I would like to have seen them have to run a large local authority for several years, just to be accountable for something, Check out a blog called “Country Squire Magazine”, your thoughts would be appreciated. Ironically, for all its what I would describe as “lefty, soft liberal” criticisms, it “tolerated” my pragmatic leftish comments for a while, but now it appears that my dissenting, sometime satirical posts are “blocked”,. Talking of navel gazing, perhaps “gibberish” is too strong a word, check out the contributions of Sam White. I am a Labour Party member, and no one regrets more than I do the fact that the Lib Dems suffered such a cruel, but perhaps inevitable demise, and wonder what a Lab-Lib Coalition Government might have accomplished post 2010. From a working class background, but now I suppose comfortably middle middle class, I am at a loss to comprehend why characters like Farage and Trump appeal to working class voters, and how they imagine that either would improve their lot…


  2. Robert Askey

    “Powerhouse” an electrical retailer that went bust a decade ago. Not exactly the most encouraging of metaphors. Good article Jaime, thank you. Of course we have the litigation to get through first. Devilishly difficult business, divorce.



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