Advocacy Session: The Successful Candidates

I was incredibly impressed with the high standard of applications to attend on the advocacy training day I am hosting on 7th March. I am sure such things are often said as just a platitude. This time it is true. I received 97 entries and, being as rigorous as I could be, my first two reads through could not get me below 26 top class candidates.

I had originally intended to host 10 attendees with my colleague Mike Lemmy. Taking into account time and budget constraints I couldn’t offer places to those 26, much as I would have liked to. I asked Simeon Evans of St Johns Buildings if he could assist and he very kindly agreed. With his assistance I have been able to extend the day to 18 candidates.

The successful applicants are:

Zoe Bradbrook

Juliet Osborne

Matthew Diss

Kate Hardie

Taliesyn Kallstrom

Lee Carrack

Thomas Theakston

Felix Tambling

Jessica Aviss

Lewis Hazeldine

Iman Coan

Lottie Kennett

Kate Dobinson

George Leeming

Sian Cameron

Katharine Rose

Jordon Bayley

Charlotte Gleaves

Once again, I am sorry that some of you missed out. There will be other similar opportunities in the future, so please keep an eye out for them.

Those attending this day will be provided with talks from a number of people from the profession and I am grateful to those who have agreed to give their time. A lunch will be provided where there will be an opportunity to chat with a number of barristers. There will be three practical exercises, for which the 18 will be split into smaller groups of 6, each group being instructed by myself, Mike and Sim. The travel reasonable expenses of all 18 attendees will be reimbursed.

Whilst this is not a “9 St John Street event” I am grateful to my chambers for allowing me to use the conference and seminar suite for this event. Each candidate has given their permission for their details to be posted here, and on Twitter.

1 thought on “Advocacy Session: The Successful Candidates

  1. Polruan

    Congrats to all (inc Jaime and Simeon). I hope there‘s still an independent judiciary for you to plead before by the time Ms Braverman has had her revenge.



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