Pupils Remote Advocacy Exercise

I am going to conduct a remote advocacy exercise which is exclusively for pupils currently undertaking their first or second six.

The exercise is going to be conducted via Zoom, Teams, Skype or FaceTime, depending on the participant’s preference. The advocacy exercise is going to be a plea in mitigation.

The sessions will be conducted in the week of 20th April, at a time to suit the participant. The exercise will take a maximum of about half an hour.

The process to apply is by sending an email to internship@9sjs.com. The subject header in the email should be “Pupil Workshop 1”. In the body of the email simply tell me your name, your current chambers, the stage of pupillage you are at and your pupil supervisor.

The ten who will be invited to participate will be selected entirely at random. I will email the selected participants to let them know they have been successful. The closing date for applications is 4pm this Sunday, 12th April. I will notify those successful on 14th April.

I will send the material for the exercise to each participant. You will need to do some preparation and the whole point is that you will be doing a piece of advocacy during the workshop. So be prepared and don’t be shy!

Good luck and I look forward to meeting ten of you and hearing your advocacy.

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