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Be Afraid, Very Afraid. 

Now I admit to the fact that, from time to time, I have cause to loathe the Conservative Party. I find myself no longer a supporter of any political party. It is just that, time and time again, I find new depths of despair at the Tories. And this sort of thing is why…..

This Tweet has appeared from the official account of the Conservative Party and echoes the comments of Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon. Apparently Corbyn will “all but dismantle the Army.”

Now this is the sort of scare-mongering politics that really is very tired and very tiring. Let us just recall Theresa May chiding the police for crying wolf when it came to police cuts. That is the Home Secretary, someone who has actually cut the provision of things that make us safe, telling off the people who implement the measures to keep us safe on a daily basis. And now the Defence Secretary is saying that we are all less secure in our beds tonight because someone has been elected Leader of the Opposition. 

I tend to think the security of my family has, in fact, been put in jeopardy because there are only a handful of police officers available this evening to cover a huge geographical area in South Manchester. I suspect that the security of my family has diminished because there are criminals who have escaped punishment because of the underfunding of the police and the CPS. We are all less secure because, should something bad happen tonight, the chances are the culprit will not be caught or, if caught, will not be prosecuted or, if prosecuted, will not be convicted. And that all stems from cuts made by the people @CCHQ in the name of austerity. 

I would much rather that the Defence Secretary spent less time worrying about who will win the 2020 election and a little more time worrying about the state of the Middle East. I would much prefer him to focus on the state of our military under his Government. A military that now has more Generals than tanks. A military that has more horses at its disposal to fight ISIS than the aforesaid tanks. 

The biggest risk to our nation’s security? I would probably put Putin and various terrorists at the head of the queue. The biggest risk to our economy’s security (whatever that actually means)? Well last time round it was the Banks that really screwed the rest of us. Right now I fear the impact of China on the economy more than Jeremy Corbyn. And the biggest threat to my family’s security? The party of law and order. The Conservatives, without a shadow of a doubt. 

So, Mr Fallon, I do not worry about a man who may “all but dismantle the army”. I worry about the Government that already has. 

Long Live the King

The election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader has convinced me on one thing – UKIP have got it spot on. 

Yes you read that correctly. I am not talking about everything they stand for. Not their stance on Europe or immigration. Not their stance on their other policies, which can perhaps be summarised as being anti-Europe and anti-immigration with everything else being adjuncts to those two complaints. 

They may, however, have got it right that there is a section of society, a section that is more mainstream than ever before, which has grown tired of the “Westminister Bubble”. More particularly there exists a significant proportion of the population which has grown tired of soundbites and perfect suits, tired of lots of blame but no answers and, perhaps most significantly, tired of austerity. 

And so the ordinary membership of the Labour Party has voted for a man that the Parliamentary Labour Party nominated out of some for of largesse, clothed in aspirations of a wider debate. And they elected him by a landslide, a landslide that cannot be accounted for by a few Greens and mischief makers joining to vote for the joke candidate. 

How I wish this was the tremor in a political earthquake. A shift in the way that politics is done so that Ministers are held to account for their actions. A world in which the first words out of any politicians lips are not “well they didn’t do it much better when they were in power.”  A political scene where doing good according to strong principle is more important than just being electable. 

There we have the rub. This is not going to be a change to the way politics work. The Conservative Party are going to be too canny for that. There is little prospect they will allow the swivel eyed loons to elect their leader and shape their party. Sadly that means a conservative (with a deliberately small ‘c’) public may well only be left with one safe, comfortable, familiar party. And that will win them the next election. 

I hope I am wrong. I hope Jeremy and Nigel form an unlikely alliance that awakes political conscience. At the very least, if the Labour Party become a party of protest, the Government may have a less comfortable time of it in the coming months.